Ninja + Zenfire vs Ninja + TT feed

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  1. I think there are thread on this before but I'm unable to find it... :confused:

    so I thought those who have experience on both of the feed can five some review

    :) :eek:
  2. The quality of the TT data you receive will depend upon who is maintaining the TT server you are receiving from, how much aggregation they use, their hardware, etc.

    For e-mini's on NinjaTrader I have seen nothing faster nor fuller than Zen-Fire data.

    Eurex, though, is another story. TT wins hands down there, not least because of the infamous '99' prints issue with Zen-Fire's Eurex data.

    P.S. What odds that AMPFutures will soon be along spamming this thread with their generic Premier Ninja broker nonsense? :)
  3. 99.5% ?!... :p

  4. Is TT faster than Ninja/Eurex ?
  5. I think you ask a wrong Question

  6. I don't care that Ninja/Zenfire/Eurex prints"99 fills" all the time, as long as the Ninja/Zenfire/Eurex feed is as fast as TT/Eurex...
  7. Surdo


    The only reason I went with Mirus Vs AMP is the SPAM!
    AMP also has slightly higher commissions folks.

    I will not do business with a firm that uses these marketing tactics. Nice work AMP.

    Ninja/ZenFire is Ninja Zen-Fire!
  8. AMP has higher commission? :confused:

    but they have lower day margin?

    about the eurex-zenfire/TT

    ok i'm lost

    TT is great to trade with european exchanges while zf is better with US exchanges? :confused:
  9. I will attempt to clarify;

    Zen-Fire for CME mini's ( ES/NQ/etc ) is faster than TT.

    Zen-Fire data for Eurex is slower than TT. In any case, Zen is not a feasible alternative for me while the '99' issue remains unresolved.

    This is the conclusion of my own side-by-side testing of Zen vs TT datafeeds using NinjaTrader as the front end. This opinion is the result of my own experience, with the testing being done from Europe.

    I would advise anybody who takes a serious interest in their data to conduct their own testing and arrive at their own conclusions.

    Good to see at least a few others are also tired of AMP's marketing techniques!
  10. how about NYMEX?

    Zen-fire or TT?
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