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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GiantDog, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. GiantDog


    Am I the only one who ever has any problems with backfill using NT/Zenfire? Right now all I am getting is quotes and backfill for TF tick charts, but no time charts. No time/tick charts for any other symbol. This happened last week once also. I think this happens when I am late to the market by a minute or two. As of this time 10:08 EST I am getting no backfill. I have re-loaded NT many times so far and no luck. I have also connected to Mirus and dis-connected quite a few times with no luck.

    Yes, I know contact Mirus. I doubt if it is there problem. It has to be ZenFires backfill.
  2. Zenfire normally does not provide backfills, that is done by the Ninjatrader data servers, which may be down or did not cached your symbol. Look at the log and see if you see something like:
    " Unable to connect to NinjaTrader data server ( An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host."
  3. GiantDog


    Thanks for the reply. I have looked through the log and do not find anything about being unable to connect to NT data server. It's strange because I am getting tick charts on ES, a 5-min chart of ES, no chart on the 30-min chart and nothing on TF, ect. Dom and T&S are working on all symbols I have tried but no charts besides the ones I am getting. Forgot NT has a support forum.
  4. Simex


    I've had this off and on over the past week, got it again today, but it's just rectified now. Have ES, have currencies, no TF, have YM

    Edit: just want to clarify-it takes forever to load the backfill data, while I sit and wait for charts to come online...

    I never used to have this problem.

    I generally find NT very quick once connected/backfilled. I have 8 windows open, sometimes 10.
  5. GiantDog


    Well at least it's just not me having these data problems. Hopefully when NT 7 comes out it will be better. IF it ever comes out. :(
  6. GiantDog


    Well everything seems to be working fine now.