Ninja V5 any problems in charting?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by romik, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. romik



    I have recently realised that NT v5 might have a flaw in charting indicator algorithms, as my RSI pattern on 5 min frame looks totally different to other sources.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

  2. I have had some other ninja problems. Not receiving data when the currencies reopen on Sunday. Ninja not calculating pnl correctly some times. Has me thinking about a change. Overall a very good order entry platform. Just don't know if I want to pay for something with some bugs.
  3. onofrio


    NT5 is not able to treat overnight positions correctly. If you are long overnight and sell the other day, the NT5 performance manager considers this as an entry for a short trade. I you trade the same stock several times intraday, the result of the performance manager will be complete rubbish. I am complaining about this bug for 6 months now, but apparently at NT no one cares.
  4. romik


    It's pretty cheap, but I am not too concerned with how much it costs, after all I had to abandon X_T due to problems with wrong quotes. So I am still in the search for a RELIABLE software.

    I have a feeling that QT with IQ feed, which has almost never failed in the times I have been using it (neither of them actually) and probably IB as a broker. Not sure whether IQ is supported by IB, I hope their own feed in that case is reliable most times.