Ninja TT/ZenFire/ Xtrader API

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Kap, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Kap



    I have found Ninja with a ZenFire feed to be about as quick as it gets for US Index Futures, but does anyone have Experience with Ninja with a TT Feed/backend/Fix?

    Compared to TT Xtrader API for automation.

    All info and views appreciated.

    FYI, I am running High Freq Trading Algo's

    Thnx , Kap,
  2. Ninja/Zen is better in that the data is unfiltered.

    Ninja/TT is very good. However, it shuts down a few times a day for maintenance and that bothers some people.

    Given the choice, I'd go with TT since its cheaper.
  3. Kap


    Hi thanks for the info

    - yes, I have TT xtrder at the mo ..and there have been a couple of instances when it has greyed out as you mentioned

    - I also have a ninja/zen combo running which just hasn't even blinked, but only simulator

    - I prefer the Xtrader app compared to Ninja, but prefer the zenfire feed.

    so I guess i want the xtrader app with zenfire feed...which aint possible :-( far as i know