Ninja Trader & zenfire ES Futures Advice

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  1. I wanted to get as many opinions as possible about the front end trading platform of ninja trader using zenfire to trade the mini s&ps.... Please let me know if this is a good system pros/cons? Also does anyone know anything about Mirus Futures. I have a fear that if one is successful and builds there account up that the broker that is not really well known could go bust and you risk losing your account....Thanx guys....
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    First off Ninja Trader and Zen Fire are the number 1 charting software and data-feed for trading futures the have true unfiltered tick by tick data you can see it by just seeing the tape side by side with any other data feed out there. The only con is Zen Fire does not offer historical data, although if you pay for ninja trader the do have historical data from zen fire that they maintain on there servers.

    Mirus Futures is a introducing broker to Dorman Trading, basically Mirus Futures handles costumer service while Dorman is where you money is at and they handle the trade execution. They both are very reputable trading company's so you don't have to worry about them going bust.

    Also all the top end trading company's have you account insured kinda like the FDIC for banks, brokers have the SIPC.
  3. Switched my account to Mirus a few months ago and now trading with NinjaTrader / Zenfire and never looked back.

    A futures broker only earns through their Roundturn commissions and not (like CFD Broker) over the clients long/short positions. So, they only earn money if you trade (successfull or not), the best clients for a futures broker is a high-profitable Trader who trades often and multiple contracts.

    So, no fear to get dropped for "being to successfull".

  4. With Mirus you can choose Dorman or Rosenthal Collins Group to clear. You can also trade with Dorman directly and not use any introducing broker, but the commissions and day margin may not be as favorable as with Mirus.