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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by nicbizz, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Is it possible to download the tick data from say, import it into NT 7, and build historical intra-day volume based charts with it?

    I'm looking to do some manual bar by bar analysis. Don't need a real market replay - I don't mind hitting the arrow at the bottom of the window to scroll the right edge forward :)

    I looked at NT's helpfiles, and it there's something about it only able to build minute bars with downloaded data. Is that true?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. NT 6 does not officially support data feeds.

    Also, the importer does not support time frames other than 1 minute. From their support site:

    "Set the interval to 1 Minute bars (do not set to any other interval)"

    NinjaTrader needs an overhaul of their import engine. It is greatly lacking.
  3. nicbizz


    Thats a shame to hear :(

    I've heard some good things about NeoTicker's replay feature, but I was hoping NT could be a one-stop shop. Its not so much the cost, but the pain in the ass to learn a whole new setup.

    Thank god I found out early, otherwise, I would've paid for a lifetime membership of NT, and see it go to waste ...
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    May be there is some misunderstanding:
    - NT6 is way outdated and not even available on our web site any more (NT6.5 is the production version at this time)
    - NT6.5 allows to import tick data to build volume based bars for your analysis (this is done NT internally off your imported tick data)
    - NT7 - available as beta - allows to import tick data to literally build any timeframe which NT would support

    Also: we are in touch with to seamlessly support their data format with upcoming NT7. We expect that to be implemented in near future.

    I would recommend submitting support requests to our forum or to support AT ninjatrader DOT com. Our support staff would be happy to assist you.