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    Guys: Have a 3 questions that I want to ask anybody on ET before I ask the same questions to my AMP broker. Just opened an account with AMP futures trading the ES. Using NinjaTrader (NT) w/ zenfire feed. 1. When you place an order on NT, does this order go directly to GLOBEX or does it get routed through AMP futures and/or Dorman trading(they are the clearing firm that you have to use if you have NT w/ zenfire).2. If it gets routed through AMP or Dorman can you request that it goes directly to GLOBEX? 3. NT website says that miniumum PC requirements to run NT are Windows XP. I am currently using Windows 2000 Professional, (service packs are up to date) with a pentium 4 CPU, 1 GB of ram. When the volume on the ES is real heavy and fast moving it seems that the prices in the NT are not keeping up with my ESignal charts. My son who trades next to me is on a laptop using XP and has NT w/ trading technologies feed and it seems to keep up with the prices in ESignal. Does anyone elso have his problem w/ zenfire even though zenfire is supposed to be a better feed than TT? Thanx for anybody's help.
  2. 1: Globex i think
    2: "
    3: the least you can do with your current computer is add ram, an extra 2GB should make a
    difference, look at your Task Manager Performance before-after to see what the CPU Usage is
  3. With all due respect, the problem seems obvious. I would say that your operating system being below the minimum standard recommended by Ninja is most likely the problem.

    XP just plain has better architecture that 2000 Pro.


    Also, check ping and latency on your ISP.


    Plus make sure your ISP and network card are optimized correctly.
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    1. Orders are routed directly to Globex.
    2. No need for such a request as orders go directly to Globex.
    3. Increasing your computer's memory should help. I suspect that a new machine running XP with 2GB ram (or more) and fast bus and memory speeds would make a big difference for you.

    By the way, my answers to questions 1 and 2 are authoritative as my firm makes and operates the software used by Zen-Fire.
  5. Jonathan, that's interesting. So, Rithmic makes and operates Zen Fire, what's the relationship between Rithmic and Omnesys? It all seems a bit confusing.

  6. It goes directly from the client-computer to globex? The thought emerges the software would at least make sure there is enough free margin available in the customer account before sending an order to the exchange..
  7. if you click on the Rithmic link, there is a routing diagram . . .
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    The order goes from the client computer to Zen-Fire computers where it is, in fact, checked for available margin and other authorizations. If approved by the rms modules the order is then routed to the appropriate exchange. A central issue in this conversation was whether or not the order goes first through an FCM's software and then to an exchange (it does not).
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    Omnesys makes the messaging infrastructure software used by Rithmic.
  10. Zen-Fire just a clever marketing name for Rithmic. Got to give an A to Ninja for marketing. Would be like MFGlobal saying they have quotes by Buddha-flames…kinda silly huh?
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