Ninja Trader vs. X Trader

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by flipflopper, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Wanted to get some opinions.

    I have been using Ninja Trader for over a year and am actually quite happy. But my human nature questions if there is something better out there.

    Any one have experience with both able to compare?
  2. I use TT and have demoed Ninja. I like TT better. I have used TT for a little over 4 years and it has been as reliable as possibly could be. The only time I had an issue is when Globex was down (2 times fall of 05 and it was just the Euros) and the E-CBOT occasional outage.

    If you don’t mind the licence fee, or you trade a lot of spreads, or use a lot of spreadsheet stuff, then TT would be a better value then Ninja. The biggest thing I didn’t like about Ninja is that it is hard to see what traded and their dom doesn’t display the cumulative of what has successively traded at the current price (hope I said that right).

    If I was to make an analogy I would say that TT is to Ninja as Mercedes is to Honda. Honda is good and reliable, but Mercedes is also, with more options and more style (but still not the Rolls Royce).
  3. Yeah, I actually don't scalp much. I think I'll stick with Ninja. If it ain't broke...

    I just don't really see the value in TT for my stlye.

    Thanks for the rundown though.
  4. Velocity Futures offers X_Trader with one mkt license free, i.e. paying (implicitely) a platform fee per trade. Check out their web site.