NINJA TRADER V6 Great Release!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Ares, May 7, 2007.

  1. Ares


    Well I am just trying the demo of Ninja Trader version 6 with PATS data feed

    It is amazing. A lot of functions have been added, and a full series of indicators
    You can trade form chart with a clear guide, and the Static Dom is great!

    Due to the fact that Pats does not provide backfill data you should pay an extra for this service from eSignal, but at this point with less than 100$ per month you have a complete charting-trading software

    Well another thing I noticed using Ninja is that the data feed from PATS works speed.

    I tried the Strategy Runner Demo and it goes slow. The prices change in the BID/ASK colums in about 900 milliseconds, while in NINJA they are updated in less than 300 milliseconds! I don't know if this fact is due to their architepture, but you notice the difference

    I know that PATS is well knowed as the slowest feed, but it is one of the best as concern stability. So with Ninja you have a great combination with software-speed-stability

    Great job! :cool:
  2. It would be much cheaper to get your backfill from opentick (free) or DTN/IQ (less than esignal).
  3. I use this combo (what I started out with years ago), and use differnt platforms for different types of trades (scalping and intraday vs overnight holdings), thanks for your review, I'll have to upgrade to v6 (don't like dealing with the bugs of new realeses).

    Good trading,

    Jimmy Jam
  4. RedDuke


    Yes, Ninja 6 is a great product. I currently use it for Hang Seng trading with IB data feed, it should be even faster with zen-fire, but there are no brokers that I could find that offer HKex on zen-fire.

  5. Ares


    Really, I don't understand why PATS feed is so fast with Ninja.

    I checked their demo IP with PING PLOTTER and I found that one connection is from RCG

    Is there a PATS "real user" that can confirm this high speed with real servers?

    They seem unfiltered ticks!