Ninja Trader Stop Loss Problem - Cauing to loose money

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rsagi, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. rsagi


    Hi All,

    I'm using NinjaTrader 6.5.10008 (latest)

    and I'm doing trade management using two target points and trailing the second target while using a stop loss that comes to break even+1 tick.

    I ran into two issues today @ the FOMC day trading the ES:

    1. I scalped the first few times in the heavy spikes of 2:22pm after the FOMC announcement and all was good (made money) - then a few times my target was hit (you hear the women voice ":target hit) so automatically I'm @ breakeven+1 tick - but then suddenly I see I lost $$$ !!! (this doesn't make sense - I went from +$720 to $120 and then -$120 -this problem occurred several times.

    2. After the target was hit - there were some open orders - but I couldn't cancel them - so I figured they weren't active and disconnected from broker and connected again - and the problem was solved.

    Needless to say I am angry with this problem - any1 else experience same thing?
  2. Sounds like operator error..and in this fast market after the Fed announcement....I would say anything can happen and thus do not touch days like this with any script and do make sure I can see open orders and also make sure no pending orders are stuck.

    Bad or slow data can make this real rough and thus another reason to let the locals and collocated computer in Chicago do the work while my orders or data is delayed or slow to California.

    One day of missed opportunity is not a big deal and can also avoid some pain that may carry over from additional days.