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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by justrading, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. I am using Ninja Trader 7 with Rithmic data feed and have been experiencing periodic freezing of the feed, or some may say it just hangs.

    Yesterday was pretty much through the RTH, from time to time the data stream would freeze for 5 or 10 seconds, then accelerate and catch up to real-time. Tried disconnecting, shutting down, disconnected from ADSL, nothing made a difference. After the usual opening period activity slowed down, it wasn't so bad.

    Today started off the same, very frequent freezing when the markets opened, so I disconnected from the feed and re-connected.

    After that, even through the frenzy of selling at 10 ET, it did not miss a beat - as perfect as can be. I'm pretty certain it is not my internet connection, tests return the usual performance metrics, and today it was the same connection before and after.

    I have no idea whether it is the data feed or an issue from the exchange itself (CME).

    Does anyone else experience this? Any advice on how best to handle?
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    I suggest that you send this note to our support team, someone qualified will follow up with you.
  3. Thanks but I don't think it's NT, more like the feed or the exchange.

    At any rate I have been through 1 round of this, NT says it's not the software (I agree), broker says it's my internet connection.

    ES going sideways now, I'm bored so I'm watching music videos on YouTube and the feed isn't missing a beat. It would be pretty hard to convince me it's my internet connection.
  4. Rithmic or Zenfire is the same shit
  5. I am aware of the branding, I was under the impression Rithmic was a good data feed. It's not behaving like one for me now.

    Maybe that impression is out of date?