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  1. I am new to Ninja Trader7, first day I am using it.
    I am trying to configure the time and sales window in the same manner it was by default on X_Trader: I want to see volume traded at the ask to be printed in blue and volume traded at the bid to be printed in red.
    This task seems very simple but I am struggling:

    When I right click on the time and sales window and click properties, what I did is:
    At ask fore color blue
    At bid fore color red.

    I want 100% of the print to be in blue or red but from time to time, I get prints in black. The black color was set by default for "between fore color". English is not my first language and I am not sure what "between fore color" means, but from looking at the time and sales window and the DOM simulataneously, it seems, what is printed in black related to the volume traded between the ask and the bid, i.e, if the market is not liquid at a point in time, say there are bids at a price of 1200.00 and offers at 1200.50, but nothing at 1200.25, then anything traded at 1200.25 will be printed in black I think...? It is different from X_Trader, I had only blue or red colors. Can someone please comment on this? The black color is like a middle thing, not at bid price, not at offer price, this is quite confusing.

    Also, very rarely, I get prints in yellow (this color is set for "above ask fore color") and I have no idea what "above ask fore color" means. Even by looking at what was traded on the DOM, it was so quick that I could not see why it was printed in orange. Any comments?
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    Your understanding is correct, black (default) are prints between bid and ask. Specific definitions can be found at the link below.