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  1. Does anyone know how to code this in ninja trader?

    next bar open + 7

    I don't think it can be done.
    Is there another platform that can autotrade that pits?

  2. It appears you found a platform for autotrading then!!!
  3. not really because this program can't even program this simple formula. I have tradestation, tradesstudio, and genesis, Ninja is the only one that will trade the pits.
  4. next bar open +7 meaning what, next bar open +7 bars? + 7 minutes? +7 tics?

    ninja traders uses C# so if you can code it in C#, ninja will obey like a good boy.
  5. next bar open + 7 ticks. I am still trying to get this to work. ninja will not allow you to use tomorrows open
  6. maxpi


    If you find some software that knows next bar's open before the close of the current bar let me know
  7. what about software that knows it at the open, or waits till it knows the open. Most backtesting software has a function for next bar open. Ninja trader just assumes you put your trades in at the close. what happens if you need tomorrows open as apart of you information?

  8. Are you trying to say that there is no software that ever knows they next bar's open. (The future does come) Thats where ninja trader is wrong, it is trying to place trades for tomorrow today.
  9. next ninja trader update is supposed to fix a huge bunch of bugs, mention that bug on their support forum and one of the admins will promptly fix it.
  10. I have and they said it would be in the next fix but it is not. I don't think. I am trying to figure out a work aroud
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