Ninja Trader or Trade Maven

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by teeoff, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. teeoff


    I am looking to change my OES platform and am looking for honest feedback from current or past users of Ninja Trader and Trade Maven.

  2. nkhoi


    I use Ninja with data from Open Ecry, the sim mode feel very real much better than other sim mode.
  3. teeoff


    Thanks for the insight!
  4. Truff


    Ninja is the better platform in my opinion. Only problem is the data feeds come from PATS and thats an issue.
  5. TradeMaven is not just an order entry system. It has the most comprehensive auction market style charting that I have yet seen. Also, it allows scaling in at multiple prices on the same DOM.

    FYI- While I have no financial stake in TM, I do have a relationship with them. The relationship is there because they are responsive, they listen, and the software does what other software can't.

    Regarding data feeds, TM offers several options. Transact is not on PATS. Another major retail broker with their own feed is coming soon. And, esignal can be used for r/t sim and chart backfilling.

    I am also an IB customer and have used Ninja and was most satisfied with it's operation.
  6. teeoff


    So with Ninja Trader I can only use PATS...not eSignal?
  7. Truff


    Ninja is a front end platform for PATS, pretty sure you have to use their feeds but not completely sure. Its up to the FCM i guess
  8. teeoff


    Thanks for the information!

  9. Negative.

    There are several FCM's offering Ninja with non-PATS feeds. Open E Cry has by far the best setup. Other I.B's (e.g. Alaron I.B's ) should also look into this kind of setup. With a good feed, Ninja is hard to beat.


    Edit: I inadvertently typed Transact instead of Open E Cry. Sorry.

    BTW MB Trading also offers it with a non-PATS feed.
  10. teeoff


    According to Ninja Trader, I cannot use Transact. That is who I currently have an account with. I was advised I would need to open an account with another broker. Transact has confirmed this as well. I really do not want to open another account. Trade maven supports Transact but I am more concerned about the order entry platform than the broker at this point.
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