Ninja trader or a broker - ????????/

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  1. i am planning on opening a account in trading future the ES YM
    i was checking ninja trader cause i like their super dom software
    But i cant find phone # on their web site cause i don't know if they are a broker or do i have to have a broker and then add their software
    some one please advice:confused:
  2. NinjaTrader is a software package, not a broker. You have to have a broker account with one of the brokers they support, such as Interactive Brokers, MB Trading, or one using PATSystems.
  3. Hello
    Can you give me some feeback on it
    they dont even have a phone # on their web
    so i could open an account with IB and i can use their software
    i like the super dom they have
    your feed back is greatly appricated
    thank you
  4. Yes, you would open an IB account, then setup NinjaTrader to trade using IB. I Don't know the details about them, other than that they are a popular DOM front end for a number of brokers. I am with a different software firm (QuoteTracker) so really not one to ask about the details on their system :)
  5. You must not have seen the new super dom.

    Either way, good luck in your trading.
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    Tried to send you a PM but failed ... here we go:
    - yes, you can open an account with IB and try through NinjaTrader
    - like Jerry said, NT is not a broker but there are many broker partners supported:
    - please feel free to contact for further inquiries.

  7. jbt


    Jerry - why dont you create a Super DOM interface for QT? Nothing fancy - but just something that could drag and drop OCO orders.

    That would be awesome !.
  8. we don't like to do things half way. If we release a DOM interface, we would want to make it VERY good, not just something thrown in to say that we have it. Since doing that involves quite a bit of work, its a trade off between that and lots of other features on our todo list.

    Therefore, for the near future, we will leave it to those that do it well, like NinjaTrader and the other specialized front ends.
  9. Droth
    thank you for your information
    Greatly appreciated
  10. Jerry
    Apart from the time it would take to develop this, I think that Trading technologies will come after you, since they have the patent on this, and actively chases anyone that develops this.

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