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  1. After spending countless hours trying to decode and learn E signal I have decided to move to the next part of my education and got my hands dirty playing with Ninja Trader.
    I am looking for a fast, reliable and relatively uncomplicated program to scalp ES. What are your opinions, experiences with NT??? And if NT is not IT, then what would be better?

    THANK You!

  2. NT is good overall. It definitely has it's issues. I had it lock up six months ago in ZG and it cost me $40 per contract which could have very well been alot worse. It is a resource hog, make sure you use it on a dedicated computer.

    Now the good. It's real fast on placing and executing orders, and has alot of cool tools for making your trading more automated. Just try the sim out yourself and see. Make sure you get a good data provider like TT or Zen Fire. I would say TT as I believe, from experience, that Zen Fire Dorman has a very limited trade desk.

    You could also use X Trader direct from TT and TransAct has a dome too. Each has there pros and cons. You will just have try them out and see what works for you.

    Good luck

  3. Who is your broker?

    If your broker is IB(Interactive Brokers), ZLT is a good choice. Their website is

    Good Luck
  4. rider


    NT is good but there is info going around that NT is possibly tracking and pulling information out without your knowledge. Tracking your trades. There was a lawsuit a bit back on NT with Superdome patent that NT ended to pay around .10 per trade. NT may have to be required to monitor the trades but...., a coder buddy found out that NT has ability and does have hooks to pull all your trade info including account info and send it back to NT servers. The way its done NT is probably compiling data.

    Is he mirroring or trying to find out who are the best traders? Is he trying to piggy back good ones?

    At the end of the day though I dont think it would really be a surprise though.
  5. I think they would have to all of your info to prove you did the trades. Otherwise couldn't a trader say hey I didn't do that trade. They would need to be able to match it to IP addresses and such.
  6. i use the booktrader DOM in IB.

    i tried ninjatrader, bracket trader, and ZLT

    none seemed to offer enuf extra over DOM to justify the cost

    if u program the DOM with the proper hotkeys and macros, it does basically the same thing

    and is faster, as far as i could tell

  7. So far I run the sim mode and my 3 year old P4 with 1 gig of RAM had absolutely no problem. However, it is good to know that NT is a resource hog just in case I get antsy and try running other stuff while watching the market, and crush the whole system.
    I am happy to hear that it is fast, I will need all the speed I can get to make $$$ my way.
    As for data provider I was thinking of e signal, because ... that was the first charting program I got my hands on and what can I tell you first love never dies.
    I have yet to check X trader. I looked at the web page and discovered that I need XP pro to run it, so it will have to wait.

    Thanx for your input.:D :D :D :D :D

  8. I looked at ZLT and it did not feel right. For whatever reason NT felt more user friendly I was able to "get" it much quicker. :D

  9. I do not like anybody snooping in my private dealings and I am prone to believe conspiracy theories in general. However, in this situation, I have nothing to worry about as I have yet to turn a profit i this endeavor, so NT can watch my trades all day long, hey maybe they could analyze them and tell me what the hell I am dong wrong???
  10. I looked at IB and found their software uninspiring.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
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