Ninja Trader I need help fixing Ninja Trader today, help please

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bathrobe, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. bathrobe



    Last night I was screwing around on my computer and moving stuff around etc. This morning I started NT to look at charts and had to re-enter my license key.....fine, when I got into NT my workspace was gone, I can not remember all the settings and many of the volume indicators and other indicators I had downloaded are no longer there.

    I have found a folder with my workspaces and they are XML files......if you know of any way to get everything back please help and yes I would email NT but I would like to get it done today. Thanks
  2. Surdo


    Hopefully you did a backup of the workspace, just "Import" it back.
  3. bathrobe


    no, but I will from now on.

    All I have is the XML file with the same name as my workspace
  4. NinjaTrader_Ray

    NinjaTrader_Ray ET Sponsor

    Have you tried starting NT, File > Workspaces > Open and then select this particular workspace?
  5. bathrobe


    Yes, when I do this no workspaces are shown, also when I tried to open Ninja Trader this morning I had to re-enter my live license key, and then add zen-fire in the account connections.