ninja trader good or bad

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  1. Heron


    I am trying to have some strategy's developed on ninja but I am finding it difficult to get it totally correct ,to exact needs and once it looks like its there (the system) the thing doesn't fire ,at good to go trades .
  2. ninja trader is extremely efficient if the scripts in C# you code yourself or you got somewhere else are well done. especially on the version 6.5 with a ton of corrected bugs.

    can you tell us more about what youre trying to automate?

    are you coding or are you using their strategy builder?
  3. maxpi


    I'm on the learning curve with Ninja at this point. Not many bugs at all really and none are complete showstoppers. The docs are good, the help on the forums is good because the NT guys answer everything, they don't let jokers come in and screw things up for people.... backtests take almost no time at all.... basically I feel that if I keep with it I'll get where I need to be, given some time and effort....
  4. Heron


    MAs buying strength ,(breaking Highs) nothing I thought to spell binding


    But it seems to get the idea and then doesnt fire but fires other times
  5. Heron


    Ok thanks because its taking a long time and I wonder whether its the right tool to be using and if there was anything out there (software ATM) which I could be looking at
  6. maxpi


    The test and debugging environments are good. You can record data and replay it and use it to debug code going forward. You can dial in the start time for the code and let it run through the bars you want to debug code on...

    The only odd thing I discovered is that if you write an indicator that calls the Volume function you have to have the volume indicator running on the same chart else you won't get a display... and there seem to be things that I can do, mistakes I can make in code writing that will render the code unfixable. The workaround is to start over with the wizard and copy the work done in the indicator that went bad into the new one, delete the horked up one and get on with it... not that bad really... after a few weeks of practice I can have an indicator up and running in a few minutes every time...

    I'm not up to speed with the backtester yet, I wrote a multi timeframe strategy and so far the backtester won't produce any trades from it but a forward test on recorded or live data will.... I have no clue what that is about at this point but they are helping with it on the forums...
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    Thanks for an honest reply and sounds like I should persevre more late nights

    Ninja not all bad
  8. if you have non winning strategy then Ninja Trader is great, and for most people ninja trader will do the job, however if you do have a winning strategy you might want to make it better and better and add new and different things ---> here is where you'll run into problems, there are many thing that Ninja trader doesn't support
  9. Heron


    What would be the alternative because I have four strategys and the front end I want to use talks to NT

    Also what do mean by "non winning" other than the obvious if it means that which is obvious why would I have it developed ,it hopefully is winning in some shape or form ,also does that mean that every one who uses NT for AT are using "non winning" strategys
  10. let's just say I have 2 lifetime memberships. One at Ninjatrader the other @ smartquant. I only use the smartquant one

    basically what I mean by non winning strategies is the fact that if you have a winning strategy you want want to make it better and a thing here and a thing there. Try this in ninja trader, you'll find out that it is very limited after "the basics" that is why i went looking elsewhere
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