Ninja Trader for sale. 1/2 price.

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  1. Loooppy99


    Ninja Trader for sale. 1/2 price. Lifetime license.

    I have no need for it anymore.
  2. radex78


    So far I am never use ninjatrader as platform trading, still use mt4 as my platform because also my broker usually using mt4 platform, but maybe if my broker use ninjatrader might I want to try it
  3. Save your money NT licenses aren't transferable anyway.
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  4. Handle123


    I don't remember, but doesn't Ninja have their software where you open software and it connects to them then to your broker? It not like older copies of Tradestation or horrible Ensign where you had to buy it. OMG Ensign was horrible, moving averages would change in past on each bar, so you take a trade in morning and would not be a signal in afternoon, LOL And talking to "Howard", developer, wow he would try to convince me of what I needed would not work and yet he didn't trade. The early Tradestation tech were sharp, Sam Tennis was a genius, at least to me, often he help me with programming. I loved Supercharts, was pre-Tradestation and I still use it, good for optimizing.

    I have never used MT4, does it only do forex?
  5. Xela


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  6. Loooppy99


    Thanks xela. News to me.
    Never mind.
    Anyway it's available to use for anyone but the license cannot be changed to another person.
    Not sure if that is of use to anyone.???
  7. radex78


    Thanks for advise, maybe I will never use NT and will use mt4.
    this platform already enough for me because already support automatic trading and also can use third party indicator
  8. If the seller is a good guy he can assist, making them technically transferable.
  9. Loooppy99


    Please explain.
  10. radex78


    Where I can look view screenshot ninjatrader platform and whether must install also in computer like as mt4 platform if we want to running platform
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