Ninja Trader Dome Options?

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  1. Can anybody using N.J. please tell me which dome you are using? I am in the process of testing their platform. I see they offer

    Static vs Dynamic Price Ladder Display.
    I am running in sim mode right now and to me it seems the Static dome is the way to go. All comments welcome. I am using this for ES Mini

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  3. Hi, 123.

    Stay away from the dynamic DOM. It's very easy to make mistakes in a fast-moving market (i.e., the price on which you think you're clicking moves away from your mouse cursor). Also, watching it will give you a headache very quickly. Even if your broker doesn't include the 0.10 per side TT settlement fee, it's well-worth it for the static DOM.

  4. Thank you! I noticed that myself

    Going with the static!
  5. Definitely go with the static but know that you have to PAY to be able to use the Static DOM unless you use some broker that includes the extra cost in its commissions such as mirus etc.

    I use IB so I discovered I had to pay (forgot the exact amount) around .10 per contract per side. Dynamic DOM is completely useless, like someone said, when u have to constantly pause to enter orders.

    That was it for me with Ninja unfortunately because I really liked everything else.
  6. Polpolik,

    Thanks, yes its .10 per side. I found it on their site.

    Thanks for your imput!

  7. Aok


    If you're trying to scalp emini family you should strongly consider STATIC.

    If you have longer term trading window you can get by with dynamic.

    .10/trade is nothing to sneeze at if you're high volume scalper, but worth it for fewer pricing mistakes.
  8. chart trader ftw
  9. Aok,
    I do both and I had noticed
    that when I clicked on the Dynamic in sim mode I had trouble clicking on the price I wanted, so I agree .20 RT is not even a thought considering the possible mistakes
    that can be saved using the Static.



    Are you saying you use the Chart Trader to execute your trades? I tried it and did not like it myself.
  10. yea i love it hehe
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