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  1. Does anyone know if Ninja Trader offers constant capped volume bars and if so are they tested and valid.

    many thanks
  2. FWIW- I am pretty sure the only charting that offers CV accurately is multi charts. You can check the thread on odd sized tic charts for more info, if you haven't already.
  3. Thanks dandxg,

    Ensign & MC are the only two to my knowledge, but things change and I just wanted to know if NT is a part of that change.
    I know I can ask NT but sometimes it is better to ask here on ET.
    If anything can survive ET then it is usually true.

    Incidentally, I was the OP on 'odd sized tic charts'

  4. maxpi


    Ninja has volume bar charts and they work perfectly in my experience. In the help section they have the specification on how they form tick and volume bar charts, they get it right. Tradestation is the worst for volume charts, you can make two charts with different bar intervals and the cursor won't track correctly......
  5. cvax


    Yes they are correctly built. Every bar has the same volume value and surplus volume on a tick that closes a bar is used in the subsequent bar.
  6. Thank you cvax and maxpi, I am pleased to hear it.

    Is it possible with NT to code entries and exits for auto execution based on price and indicators
  7. cvax


    Yup. You can do that with the NinjaScript strategies.
  8. Many thanks cvax.

    Is that something that your average bear can do or is it difficult.
  9. DonKee


    If your average bear is a "C# bear" then, yes.

    The nice aspect of ninja is that
    download is free, try it all you want before you trade in real time.
  10. Open E cry also caps the volume bars.
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