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    I have the most experience with ninja trader and have just been using the ninja charts for gaining experience and trying things out. I know that a lot of people use ninja as the order entry platform, but it seem they always have their charting through esignal, tradestation, sierra, multi charts or the like. Why? Are there some major reasons to use a separate software for charting and order entry? Secondly is anyone using ninja charts as their primary charting? What has your experience been? Thanks for any advice.

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    Ninja 6 charts are pretty good. I am currently using them in my trading. Ninja 5 charts were quite basic. Ninja 6 is only around for few months, so many people have not adapted yet.
  3. A recent user of Ninja 6 and I'm quite impressed with the product except for the Dynamic SDOM. I would much prefer that static one.

    Anyways, on to the charts. I love the charts. I've been using it now for a week, it's fast and I'm very impressed and surprisingly, Ninja is pretty light on the resources. so yeah, it's my primary charting tool now.
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    Ninja chart costs more than Sierra Chart (+50%) that is a superior software

    So why you should use Ninja?

    TransAct AT + Sierra Chart 25$ per month
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    Ninja has both static and dynamic Dom. Just look at all options under new.
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  8. ninjatrader chart bars are automatically scaled so you cant zoom out in the chart which sucks. and theirs few indicators out there for ninja
  9. You can zoom in and out of charts. I trade off charts only and Ninja charts have worked perfectly for me.
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    i'm not really impressed with ninja. it has so many little quirks. for instance it has no historical data past the time you log in unless your hook up with an esignal or a few other vendors which i don't's a big joke. if you happen to switch computers the system doesn't remember your p@l from 1 computer to the next and it starts over. they have no live customer service which is a huge pain in ass. most vendors who use them are left in the dark if there's a problem and just tell you to email them as its not there problem. they must get live customer service at least for the brokers to be viable
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