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  1. saico


    Dear NinjaTrader Subscriber:

    Earlier this year we communicated to you that we had reached an agreement with Trading Technologies to license their MD Trader family of patents and subsequently we posted this information on our website. You can view this information by clicking on the following web link.

    The purpose of this note is to update you on how these fees may impact you as a NinjaTrader subscriber when they take effect on January 1, 2006. A subsequent note will be sent to you next week detailing how we are going to charge and collect the TT license fees. Based on the information in that note, please take the appropriate action for your specific situation to insure your ability to execute trades with NinjaTrader starting on January 1, 2006.


    In August of 2004 Trading Technologies was granted patents specific to single click order submission on a static price ladder as part of a Depth-of-Market (DOM) trading interface. Some traders may choose to argue the validity of the TT patents, but when viewed from a legal perspective specific to our subscribers, our partners, and our business, we had to consider the following facts; the patents were granted to TT, the United States Intellectual Property Office stands behind them, and no one has disproved TT’s claims in court. Based on these facts we were left with two options; create a workaround solution or license the patents.

    We did investigate many workaround options prior to making the decision to enter into a license agreement with TT. The workaround options that TT deemed non-infringing I deemed unacceptable from my perspective as an active trader. I want to provide our subscribers with the option of using a best in class DOM style trading interface. In my opinion, the static price ladder with single click order action that was awarded to TT is that best in class DOM interface.

    For these reasons and with the input of many of our subscribers on their preference, we elected to license the TT patented technology versus implementing an unacceptable workaround solution. The decision to license the technology has also indemnified all our subscribers and partners from any potential TT litigation and this was also an important decision item.

    The result of the agreement is that we will have to start charging our subscribers a per transaction fee for all trades executed through a NinjaTrader SuperDOM enabled edition starting January 1, 2006. NinjaTrader, LLC has negotiated the best license fees possible and the rate schedule is posted at the link above.

    We will also make available a version of NinjaTrader that has the SuperDOM disabled. TT license fees will not be applicable to subscribers who elect to use this version of NinjaTrader. Subscribers who may opt for this version of NinjaTrader include anyone who solely uses the NinjaTrader Basic Entry window or use NinjaTrader’s Automated Trading Interface. Otherwise if you have a NinjaTrader SuperDOM enabled edition, you will have to pay the TT license fees whether you trade through the SuperDOM or not.

    How is NinjaTrader going to collect and bill for the license fees

    We are currently finalizing various agreements with our broker and FCM partners on how we are going to count and collection the transaction fees. In some cases the FCM will track and collect the payments for us and in other situations we will have to track and collect the payments ourselves. We will provide you detailed information and instructions next week on what you need to do based on your trading situation. Please read the information and take appropriate action to insure your ability to trade with NinjaTrader when the license fees take effect on January 1, 2006.

    We will compile an FAQ that we will release within the next week as we receive your questions.

    Best Regards,
    Raymond Deux
    President & CEO
    NinjaTrader, LLC
  2. Xenia


    Insane. Better turn off SuperDOM ?
  3. Truff


    where do you see that? I have different information
  4. Truff


    Yeah, but its only .20 per rt for futures trading. wello worth it for TT's connectivity IMHO. Anything else but PATS
  5. laocoon


    The 0.1 per side have nothing to do with TT's connectivity, it's just a license fee for using TT's intellectual property (the DOM)...All Ninja users will have to pay, regardless of the trading platform they're using in the background....(As an example, I'm using Ninja with IB and I'll have to pay this extra fee as's a rip-off in my opinion).

    I've been working with DAV from IB, their Booktrader will soon be powerful enough to replace Ninja...

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Ninja's platform, but an extra 0.1 per side simply isn't justifiable.
  6. Xenia


    What if you use NT with IB to trade futures and FX IDEALPRO ?

    0.10 license fee for any futures trade and 1.00 license fee for any IDEALPRO trade ?
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