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    Has anyone been using Ninja Trader and Interactive Brokers to trade CL futures ? Like to share any experience ( good or bad ) ?

    I have an account with Thinkorswim for many years. For obvious reasons, I am shopping around now.:p

    Thanks in advance.
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    Any comment, suggestion, or recommendation ? :D
  3. I use Sierra Charts and IB, I don't know if there is any big difference between charting platforms anymore. Sure some will have this whistle or that. It depends on what you are looking to do.

    They all have free trials, I believe, take advantage of that.

    I can definitely say that Sierra and IB have been flawless for me. The support is A++++++, the users are extremely helpful. Constant improvement in the software.

    After trying a couple one's (platforms) out, one will just seem the most comfortable to use, for me it was Sierra with IB.

    I have been a user for a couple of years
  4. Just be aware that IB alone will not provide you with a true "tick" feed, so if you are trying to use Ninja with something other than time bars (tick-bars, range bars, etc), it can be cumbersome. Ninja can get pseudo tick bars if it is collecting the data in real-time, but you cannot download historical data in non-time formats.
  5. I use IB + Ninja to trade ES and for my current needs it has been a very satisfactory solution.

    Like mentioned above, I think the feed is very good for time based charts, but it is not a true tick feed, so you may want to consider another feed if you use other types of bars.
  6. Sierra doesn't have any issues creating volume or tick charts with IB's feed, whether it is real time or downloaded data.

    That was one of my concerns when I first tried out Sierra, so I did the trial period with IQ Feed and yes the charts are different but not by much.

    IB basically gives snap shots of data every 300 milliseconds (I believe) for my style of trading it was a non-issue.

    If someone has a true tick feed data source when don't they post a chart, say 1000v or 1000t and we can compare.
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    Thanks for your responses.

    My account at Interactive Brokers has been inactive for fifteen months. It may be a good time to reactivate it.