Ninja Trader and Forex for autotrading

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Eric J, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Eric J

    Eric J

    Anyone have experience running a live Forex automated strategy on NT ? Right now I have a demo NT that I am running with eSignal data and an automated strategy .

    I need a broker that supports NT and tick data . I'm open to suggestions in regards to data vendors and other platforms .

    Right now I have an edge and experience running it on a demo NT with eSignal plugged into it and would like to take it live .
  2. pipdaddy


    Check out MB Trading - I'm running a demo with them now and a NT automated strat that seems to be solid so far. I'm probably gonna give it a few more months and if the strategy proves itself i'll go live. MB Trading feeds tick data and supports NT.
  3. 10Kaday


    Hey Eric
    Yeah I ran Ninjatrader to ; part of Gain capital for some time. It works pretty well. However puts you out some huge leverage at like up to 200-1, and it seems they trade against your physical stops. Run a demo to Gain on your rules and see how it plays out and use the tick filter to prevent bad ticks corrupting your strategy. If you use Forex, trade mini contracts small and not too tight on the time to try and prevent you being picked off prematurely. Their spreads are ok but could chew you pretty good on high frequency intraday so look like min. 5 or 10 min bars. You do see some wonky shit happen on tho, and I'd be suspect they hunt the stops in their books that are 'little guy' orders. good luck.