Ninja Trader and Equities

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by daniel33, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Greetings Traders,

    I'm a SPY/Qs daytrader and after evaluating Ninja Trader for quite some time I have concluded that it will be my trading platform of choice.

    Now that I have graduated from simulation (did ES/NQ for 3 long years in SIM) I am ready to go cash.

    I'm looking for a way to proceed but at the same time I don't want to go overboard with the monthly fees as I'm still a small trader.

    I would love to trade futures but at this point ES is way too leveraged for my trading system so I'm going to go to SPY until I grow the capital. Funny how this works, I need more capital to trade SPY/Qs than futures but I can't do futures because they are too leveraged for my style, oh the irony.

    Using NT, is there an equities broker that is compatible with it and that at the same time that offers adequate data feeds ? I know I can do this with IB but people say IB's data feed is too slow for daytrading plus I would have to pay a hefty NT fee, monthly or lifetime.

    I would love to use NT to trade off the charts without paying the NT license fee perhaps there is a broker out there that supports NT and allows me to trade from it by offering some sort of NT/brokerage package, wishful thinking perhaps ? I apologize if it is.

    Your time and input is appreciated.

    I take this opportunity to wish you all a very profitable trading day.

  2. auspiv


    tdameritrade integrates with ninjatrader now.. flat 9.99 comms. someone can probably give you more information about this than me.
  3. Thank you, I will look into this.

    I plan to trade 100 SPY, would trade less if I could, if they are charging 9.99 per RT I could get beat up in comm with such rate. I think I'm going to need a broker that charges per number of shares.

  4. Talk about taking it slowly 3 yrs on Sim and now 100 spyders!!! Why not trade 2-3 emini dows?
  5. Hi Bogan,

    2-3 YMs would be too much leverage. I know I sound like the biggest piker on earth but I can only risk so and so percentage/$ of the account per trade to keep the psych at bay.

    As far as the SIM there was no reason for me to go cash unless I saw consistency, now that I do, I'm ready to battle the cash demon, but gotta do it slowly :)

  6. taodr


    Why don't you try Zeroline Trader. It is first class with IB and it costs almost nothing.
  7. Thank you but I would really like to use Ninja trader as my charting/trading platform of choice.

    It seems like my best choice right now is hooking IB to Ninja and trading off IB instead of Ninja to avoid the license fees required for trading off the charts.

    Any additional suggestions appreciated.

  8. Baywolf


    heh, I use NT, I think its one of the better platforms for independent algo traders, but for chart trading? I don't know what it is, I can't put my finger on it. I am crossing my fingers later versions will improve the charting in NT.

    Anyways, check this link for equity brokers that interface with NT. You don't have much of a selection. Clearly NT is for derivatives and currency.
  9. nitrene


    I know I can do this with IB but people say IB's data feed is too slow for daytrading plus I would have to pay a hefty NT fee, monthly or lifetime.

    Wow I daytrade every day with IB and I never have any problems with their datafeed or execution. And I just use TWS (BookTrader) to do the order entries.

    Also if you are only trading 100 sh of SPY or QQQQ, the commission at TDAmeritrade will be $20 RT vs. $1 RT at IB. NT is about $50-60/month to lease which is only $2-3 per trading day -- thats pretty cheap I would say.