Ninja Trader 7 and Eurex

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    Does anyone use NinjaTrader 7 for Eurex products? I just downloaded 7 and was running 6.5 before now when I try to enter a trade in my Eurex DOM I get the message, No account type affected Order: Buy Limit @ xxxx. I don't get thsi message when I trade CME products though. Anyone else seen this before or know of a solution? Thanks.
  2. Traded the Bund this morning with NT7 (beta 21)

    I did read somewhere on the Ninja forum of someone having the same problem as you right after the ZF outages a couple of weeks ago.
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    opened an acct that uses ninja trader and i can't get it to work for entering stops or charts , any pros out there ,it looks simple, it just wont stick, i'm seriously limited computer wise
  4. I use Ninja, what's the problem, Ammo? :confused:
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    when i right click on the dom to set up the stop order function or click properties and atm strategy, no matter what i change it doesnt change anything, the gray boxes beneath the dom are faded out and non responsive to clicks
  6. Do you hear a sound when you try to click on them? If so, you probably have a dialog box open somewhere in Ninja (like an announcement or some properties window).

    Are you connected to a data feed?

    Has Ninja crashed?

    What version are you running 6.5 something or 7.0 beta?

    (A screen-shot would be helpful)
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    running 6.5,its live and i can trade with it, just cant get the options for stops, trailing etc,just buy and sell mrkt and close reverse, nothing below the instrument and acct area works
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    if u right click on center price area of super dom, a box pops up, i select properties and can change those settttings,so far no success
  9. OK, I think I got it, you must have a free handicapped version of Ninja called Ninja Trader Direct that has automated trading and strategies disabled. :(

    Dorman, RCG?

    If you're road-testing Ninja, just use the free sim version (connected to a live real feed).

    Some brokers will pay for your Ninja license with slightly higher commissions or will wave the fee with a minimum volume.

    Not happy with TOS or looking for a backup account?

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