Ninja FX and Futures Combo?

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  1. Any one trading FX and Futures on one screen using Ninja? If so, any feedback?
  2. The FX on Ninja is that and ECN ?
  3. What brokers provide the Forex for
    Ninja ?
  4. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    GAIN Capital/Forex.Com.
  5. Not sure on the Forex part. But Ninja Trade with Zen Fire engine looks to be killer. Have to check into more but two other friends of mine love it.

  6. I think offers this to Paul at Vcap for the details.
  7. Chuck_T

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    VisionTrader, a product of eSignal, is a new trading platform that trades stocks, options, futures, and forex.

    Current release supports Interactive Brokers and Patsystems but within weeks VT will support over 10 brokers including FXCM and GAIN.

    Check it out here:

    It is FREE.

  8. i can not believe some people are still pushing Patsystems after all of the bad experiences quoted on this website. If I was using patssytems i would not tell anybody.
  9. Chuck_T,

    Any ECN's offering forex spot on Vision Trader ?
    Can one trader all products from the same accounts ?
    Interactivebrokers offers Forex but the forex offer is not
    displayed for IB on your website ?!
  10. Chuck_T

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    What ECNs for Forex are you interested in? Besides FXCM and GAIN, we have Oanda in the next bunch of execution systems.

    We work with Hotspot on some other products, so they may appear in a future release.

    A number of brokers support Patsystems, who have given us some great positive feedback. This release version works on Interactive Broker and Patsystems real time data feeds and executions systems.

    Here is more information on VT:

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