Ninja DLL experts?

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  1. I have in the past written a successful program utilizing a third party application to interface with NT using the DLL and was able to place orders etc.
    In the above case, I was using a free NT and a broker simulator.
    I have now installed the latest paid NT and using AMP as my broker, in trying to run the same program, the following market order line returns a 0 but no orders get placed, neither do I get any error messages.
    I am using the correct account number since the RealizedPnL returns the correct number. I can also subscribe and get quotes etc. but not able to place market orders, I have also turned off the order confirmation.
    Any tips on where to look further?


    ('NtDirect','Command','PLACE','*****!Dorman!AMP','ES 09-08','BUY',1,'MARKET',0,0,'DAY','','11','','');
  2. Well, for the sake of future users encountering the same problem, below you'll find the reason. I didn't know that and will subscribe tomorrow.

    You must be using the free NT Direct Edition which is only available at Zen-Fire based brokers. This free version is crippled in that ATM strategies and the ATI is disabled. You would need to purchase a live license to enable this for live trading.
  3. post the ? on the NT forums. The support there is great
  4. I did the response in my above post was from there.
    Yes I agree they have good support.