Ninja charts inadequacy

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  1. I am trying Ninja charts demo and can't believe what I've found.
    They have a workspace where you can keep all of your charts for ES, ZN, NQ, YM and other. Within the workspace they have templates where you can keep different studies.
    Now what is really stupid is that when you switch between the templates , ALL of yours markers, trendlines, levels, Andrews pitch forks etc disappear.
    When you come back to your original template you have to redraw everything again.
    Customer service is telling me that this is normal.
    Are they insane ? Is the Ninja really that bad or I am just dealing with incompetent reps ?
  2. It's really that bad. You can't save your work. Always reverts to the blank screen. You can save preferences but not workspaces. Run from Ninja.
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    That makes no sense. of course you can save workspaces. teh templates are just to create new charts, they are NOT workspaces
  4. Let me clarify this.
    I am inside of the one workspace and using ES chart with template #1
    I have drawn trendlines and pitchforks, using markers etc

    Now I want to switch to template #2 where I have different set of indicators to see how they work.

    When I come back to the template #1 all my trendlines, pitchfors and markers are gone.
    Customer service is telling me that this is normal and drawing can't be saved.
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    go to ensign :))) no problem there
  6. Correct.
  7. I been using ninja for the past 3 month. To me, it look like a software in version 0.3, not 6.5.

    Many things are missing. You cannot remove spike in a chart, unbelievable.

    I will probably switch soon but is there a better solution, I don't know.
  8. Do they have a "trade from the chart" feature ?
  9. I like it much better than other programs I have paid to use in the past. Free is nice. I have yet to use a program that doesn't have at several annoying glitches.
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    ensign is only charting software.
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