Ninja "Beta" Period Discount and Forum

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jearnest, Oct 30, 2006.

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    During the next 30 days thru 11/27/2006, Velocity is dropping the price of Ninja Trader from $4.25/RT to $3.50/RT. This is for ALL Ninja trader customers including those already at Velocity.

    This is to allow for an extended beta period for customers to give Ninja and Velocity Feedback. Also, to allow Velocity personnel to get up to speed with the support of the product in the way that we handle X_TRADER customers.

    So start your engines...this is not a "sales" deal, but rather an invite to try the product before it is ready for prime time.

    It is much faster than what you are used to but it is not 100% stable yet as far as features and support.

    Currently the #1 issue is start of day positions. They are not yet supported.

    So get some discounts, be patient, and give us your feedback so we can get it 100% complete.

    Also post your comments good and bad about it hear so we can focus on getting them answered and resolved quickly by Ninja Trader and Velocity.