Ninja Advanced Hacks...?!

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  1. Other than the fact that the Markets still lack a viable API the fact remains that SQ and NT remain 2 of the better choices around and NT can qualify as a front end to your broker of choice but it's main problem remains not having a proper API as themselves confess to it too. Hence, to make it more usable, a better approach would be to hack your way into it and there are several ways to do that. Obviously this would be playing with fire for those not quite familiar with the process and in fact I believe NT does not offer a more open API exactly for this reason to avoid liabilities?!

    An example of what I'm nagging about is NT's lack of Macros for example which could have easily been overcome utilizing some of the basic methods of C# that NT claims to be available to it's users but NT itself in fact is blocking it.

    So, to be able to do that you'd need to get inside the relevant DLL's and call it's methods at will... then if you achieve that, it would mean you have converted NT to an Open Source and then you can do as you please...:p

    There are many ways of achieving that with C# and the .Net, only if we could kick off a decent, civilized and technical discussion on the subject. If there are any advanced programmers interested, we could then maybe publicly here or privately compare our harmless hacks, anyone?
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    It's really fairly simple, delegates, Events...thread trespassing etc.

    it's really just methods calling other methods and the only delicate part being making the other method inside the NT thread visible to the calling method! There are a few ways of doing it without resorting to sub-classing etc.

    any1 interested? PM me...