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  1. What happening. No trading today at SGX (Singapore exchange) Am I miising something/ or it is somekind of holiday at SGX.
  2. Vernal Equinox is a holiday in Japan. So, that's why they're not trading in Tokyo or Osaka. That explains why NK isn't trading. I don't know why the rest of SGX is down. I guess it's a holiday there to, but it's not listed on their holiday calendar.
  3. I just watch NK, on sgx. So I really do not know about whole exchnage. I think it is not closed except the NK as you mentioned. Thank you verymuch.
  4. I just logged in (which is why I edited the question part out of my previous post). I couldn't get any prices for any other products traded on SGX either. :confused:
  5. I think it will be closed Thursday night too for Good Friday.
  6. I don't think many Japanese are christian and good friday is on april 14th
  7. today is a holiday (tuesday) on japanese exchanges
  8. Thank you & Thank you all the peoples who responded in timely manner.

    Secondly How can I get info like that in advance. I tried to go to SGX website and download the calender but it is not mentioned there.

    yearly monthwise calander:$FILE/Trading%20Calendar%202006.pdf
  9. fwiw (shades of rogue trader),

    I find trading SGXNK much easier if simultaneously watching the prints in Japan (OSE) as well.

    it's not quite "arb'able" but one can often give a heads up to the other. OSE has a 10 pt spread. SGX, a 5 pt spread. by watching the order flow on OSE, you can also get a bit of a headstart on a directional change, and/or help in getting filled on bid/ask.

    just my experience.

    i watch time/sales on both exchanges, but only chart the SGX.
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