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    This index is now at a support level around 11,000, having pulled back 1200 points in 6 days, and significantly below the lower bollinger band. The long-term uptrend is still intact, so I think now is a good time to acquire some long poisitions. I'm buying some right now, and would look to add some more tomorrow if there is further weakness. Initial target would be 11,500-600. A close below 10,750 would signal I was wrong about this being a bottom, but even then I think it will be a racing certainty to exit around 11,000-200 over the next week or so.

    In other words, either this is the bottom today or tomorrow, or it trades a bit lower, then comes back to breakeven or slightly profitable. Heads you win, tails you breakeven.
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    Do you think this trade offers better r/r than Es around 1083, where i'm looking for a long?
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    Yes, especially now it has just taken out stops below 11,000. I'm scaling into some more, and will look to have a complete position on by tomorrow's close. Tomorrow might be a big down open if the ES is down a lot on Monday, but I think that will be the low, at least for now.

    In fact, it may be a good trade to do a spread, long Nikkei short ES. For the Nikkei to go down much further would IMO require the ES to blow through support and have a big fall. Whereas if the ES holds, the Nikkei should have a big snapback rally.
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    I just went over a chart of the nikkei and i can only agree with you. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. The risk is too great to fade the downmove. I would wait until the market stabilized a bit. Preferably u wanna see a choppy contracted range before entering long.. or some type of a reversal day.

    IMHO i will be looking to go long to play the bounce when the S&P gets near the 200ma.. 1070 area.. assuming we chop around there or have a strong reversal off that level.

    Although I think u are right that the market is oversold and is due for a bounce.. your timing might be a bit too early.. so if u are scaling be patient.
  6. -590.. god damn. Big balls to go long right here.. markets could blow support and crash.

    This is all coming from spill over from fixed income.

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    Just closed at 10820 on the futures, down 660. I didn't think it would close down that low, and any time the market surprises you adversely, it is a good idea to be more cautious than normal and concentrate on defence. So I won't be adding any more to my current position, and tomorrow I will set a stop on half my position at 10750 or 50 points below the 10 minute opening range, whichever is lower. The rest I will exit if the market does not bounce within the next couple of days. That way if I turn out to be too early, I can at least limit my losses and avoiding taking too much of a hit.
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    I think the setup is still valid, big downday on Friday with huge followthrough on Monday, bounce should be in the coming days.
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    It's lagging the U.S. indices for no reasons.
  10. Where do you trade Nikkei 225? CME? What is the point value again?
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