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  1. Time to buy. Limited downside risk. Yen too strong lately. Time for a nice rebound.
  2. I'm crossing my fingers for you, man!
  3. That was a nice 400 point rally. Exit 9580. Waiting for reentry. Pullback to 9365 possible.
  4. Exit too early. But unbelievable rally. YEN has lost only minimum ground and stock market rallying 6 %.
  5. Short 9880.
  6. There seem to be some schizophrenic Japanese investors similar to the ones on Wall Street.
  7. i'm about to join you. finger on the trigger, but maybe getting too cute with my entry. kind of hoping we get one last spike up to 9985. i doubt we get there, but, usually when i say that, it does.

    good luck with it- you sure nailed the bottom with that long.

    edit: couldn't control myself. short 1/2 @ 9930. afraid i jumped the gun...
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    Nikkei up over 2% tonight, futures are getting a big lift at the moment, if this keeps up the Dow will open up at 10515+. Remember this is a risk free money making liquidity driven fed pumping with worthless monopoly money driven rally.
  9. Take a look at this chart. Insane !!!
  10. hit my limit at 9970 while i was away, so i'm in a full (albeit modest) position. stop for 1/2 @ 10030 (wanted to leave a buffer for stop runs). 11% in 4 days seems a bit ripe.
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