Nikkei Tanking

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  1. I notice that the Nikkei 225 is currently down 225.03 points (2.69%) to <i>8144.12</i>, a two decade low.

    Perhaps it's a race to 5k. /gallows humor.

    Maybe she's finally getting that washout...
  2. but was fridays close buddy :)

    Last Trade
    Mar 7 · 8,144.12

    ------------------ NIKKEI 225 IN PERSPECTIVE-------------------
    Move on day -2.69 percent
    Year high 8829.06
    Year low 8144.12
    Change on yr -5.07 percent
    All time high 38915.87 29 DEC 1989
    All time low 85.25 06 JUL 1950
  3. i should know that. why did it run as a headline on my Dow Jones!?

    i better delete this thread before everyone discovers how on top of things I am. :p :eek: :confused:
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    Wait till Nikkei crosses under Dow and make the headlines. That should give some "long-term" investors a pause.
  5. ok, she's down 46.85 to 8097.27. I feel somewhat vindicated.
  6. that already happened, last year, i think novemeber or give or take a month, nikkei closed lower than dow for the first time...
    race to 5k is pretty funny, but who will win on the way back up?

    i checked today i think nikk is down another 100, "thought" the world markets might get a bounce after we did...maybe later today/tommorow
  7. btw... sure most of you already considerd this, but the dow dropping to two decade low would be about dow 1000....
  8. Anyone else think NK should stabilize after N. Korea missile test & fiscal year-end March? Looks like good s-term entry pt., assuming the missile doesn't come down somewhere in Japan that is ...

    I'm also expecting, sooner or later, huge Yen devaluation as BoJ attempts to reinflate economy by buying RE and stocks.

    Everyone saw the news that N. Korea attempted to force US jet to land in N. Korea? That country is so pathetically desperate ...
  9. Nikkei is below 8000.

    03/10 - 12:55
    7,987.12 -157.00
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    It would be "funny" if the Dow/SP goes to 20yr lows. Funny is not the word but it would be odd I suppose. Who knows.

    Of course, when the Nikkei bubble peaked in 1989, then bursted in the early 90s, we said it would never happen here in the US markets, because we are not so crazy and irrational like those Japanese. Lo behold we had a tech bubble. Then a crash. Japan had a real estate bubble in the 80s. It could never happen here in the US. I think we are right smack in the middle of potentially a huge real estate bubble here in the US.

    But it's different here, and it's this time around. Human nature doesn't change.

    But then again, if everyone is so damn bearish then it's probably a sign of a bottom..

    who knows. who cares. I only trade what I see. Not what I think.

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