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    Every 6 months or so I have updated this comparison chart of the three indexes. The chart shows the indexes as a % lost from the top of each bubble. The similarities are still striking...

    According to Nikkei we are actually in for a decent rally in the next 6 months...only to be followed by further downside.
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    Very interesting. Looks like human emotion runs current no matter what side of the globe you're on.
  3. market for a number of yrs and then fall again like the nikkei

    does a few yrs after your charts ends :eek:
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    Wow do they look alot alike.

    However, don't forget that the 1929/1987 Dow overlay was almost a perfect fit as well. until 1988, then it went in a completely different direction.
  5. Nice stuff!
  6. the nikkei didn't have a war to factor in
  7. yes, was there any event in history which occurred on the nikkei that corresponded timewise to Sept 11? I only ask because the 9/11 lows fit in nicely with the nikkei. So maybe our lows were event driven or maybe they were just sort of predetermined coincidence. You know what I mean.
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    The market was already following that S&P pattern in the days ahead of Sept 11th. IMO the charts would still look very similar had the event not happened.

    Here's the updated chart with the Nikkei ending yesterday...
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    The second chart looks better.
    The Nikkei hit a top on December 29 1989 at 38,957 and hit a bottom so far on October 10, 2002 at 8197.
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    Dustin, The same could have been said when the Nasdaq went to the -50% mark. Comparing it to the Nikkei it should have had a nice rally, instead we did get the rally but only after a major drop. So your 6 month rally could be possible but it might come after another immediate major drop from here first.
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