Nikkei larger then DOW

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  1. 7,440 VS 7,095

    Not seen for quite some time I believe.
  2. Your post is irrelevant.

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  3. So? Almost every post you make is irrelevant to the forum you post it in.
  4. It's an index, and numerically, it's consistently higher.
  5. I post in trading and let YOU move it to the appropriate forum. It's all love Ivan. :p
  6. pointless thread

    absolute size means nothing
  7. Wouldnt it be nice to have a topic where you can follow the decline of the DOW against all stock markets of the world?
  8. The Toronto Exchange (TSX) is also higher than the DOW, 7,647.
  9. Can anyone tell me 2-3 market that are good to trade at night eastern standard time from 8p-2a
  10. LOL....

    Ok, that made me laugh.

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