Nikkei is getting ready for steep rise

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  1. This week i am keeping a special eye on Nikkei & NASDAQ . I am expecting steep rise in both these index by 5th August 2019
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    And when these calls go against you, you will delete the threads?
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    What is the reasons for this expectation?
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  5. I'm not endorsing @SA Market Forecaster but have bought Nikkei225 today too (I use Call options, not futures).

    I take a different approach, putting trades into my journal on here for full transparency.

    With c.27 days trade duration for Nikkei225 anybody can easily track my performance, which in the case of Nikkei225 has been mixed, recently!

    As others have suggested, you may earn more credibility by publishing your trades on here rather than posting vague and unsubstantiated estimations.
  6. Hi many of our research are published in leading newspapers & magazine, just to give you an idea you may track one of the leading traders magazine of USA "Traders World'. This magazine is in publication since last 40 years and editor is 2 times winner of world trading championship. best wishes
  7. Our calculations are based on mathematics which we have tested for 19 years, accuracy is not 100% but as good as 100%, in last 36 hours we have posted around 10 different predictions for various markets ,you may keep a track of them & we would appreciate your valuable feedback best wishes
  8. if you had anything close to this there would be dump trucks lining up to give you money for service
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  9. Would be much easier if you had one thread and posted on that instead of having one thread per prediction... just curious... why one prediction per thread?

    Consistency wins credibility so all on one thread please, then we can back-test easily (the reference to Astro-physics on y'r home page is a sure target for scepticism)
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  10. Agreed. Op pls donot open so many thread
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