Nikkei hits 26 year low

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cutten, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Cutten


    Buy and holders from 1983 onwards now underwater
  2. Try Marianna Trench.
  3. Cutten


    With taking out the 2003 lows, this now means Japan has been in an 18 3/4 year secular bear market.
  4. Doesn't it need to strongly close below it - maybe a monthly candle to confirm?
  5. kxvid


    Japan has got some serious problems with their stock market. Anybody know what's going on there? Is it just a panic because of bad trade numbers and the global slowdown? Seriously what happens if they go down another 9% tomorrow? Will there be another lost decade? The japanese are such tightwads and so risk adverse maybe this was inevitable. All they do is work and save and lock themselves up in their bedrooms for years. :confused:
  6. Where can I see a chart of the Nikkei index that shows the most historical data?

    Yahoo data only goes back to 1984.
  7. achilles28


    The Nikkei took the 20-year road back to fair value.

    Japan inflated the shit out of their currency in the 80's, did a Real Estate Bubble that would put America's to shame, then, bailedout their entire financial sector who was then underwater.

    The Nikkei is living proof that cheap money creates bubbles.

    And bailouts save prices, not Markets.

    If Nikkei is the Model, the DOW is f*cked.

    Better way to arrive at fair value is earnings per share or % profit YOY.

    That way, an investor can see fundamental value after discounting future expectations.