Nikkei Gets Rattled by Lehman Funding Rumors

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    Nomura Holdings Inc., Japan's largest brokerage, led securities companies lower after speculation about a funding shortage at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. drove its stock down in New York. Mitsubishi Corp., the nation's largest trading company, rose to the highest in almost two weeks.


    Lehman dropped to the lowest since March 17 in New York trading after options traders increased bearish bets on the stock. The company said speculation on its funding situation was unfounded. Bear Stearns Cos. required an emergency bailout by the Federal Reserve two weeks ago and the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether traders illegally sought to force Bear into insolvency by spreading false information."
  2. Nikkei doesn't look too rattled at the moment.

    SGXNK +2.2%
  3. Index looks fine to me
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    Headline should be updated to: "Nikkei Gets Excited by Lehman Funding Rumors"
  5. Right.

    Headline should actually be Nomura gets rattled. Bloomberg is usually spot on, but I should have modified it anyways w/in the window.

    Anyways, it does look like the Lehman issues shall ensnare us tomorrow again.
  6. Not from this angle, index futures short squeezing with vengeance.

  7. Q1 window dressing day.
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    am i on the only idiot short puts on LEH?
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    yea, most likely lol
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