Nikkei gaps....

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  1. I see 3 large Nikkei gaps to the upside. Todays gap is 220 points large.....I think that's an invitation after a 5 % Wall Street "correction"....

  2. Huh ? What gap up today?
  3. 9860 seemed to be a crying buy....
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    Any upside target?
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    same 4 step chart as 90-91
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    90-91 chart nikkei
  7. Turn chart upside down, or standup on your feet if you head is down.
  8. Some rules for trading in Japan :

    1) The same Wall Street idiots that play the markets in the US are playing it in Japan
    2) If you understand these idiots you can make tons of JPY
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    Would you care to offer a few pointers on what to look out for? For example, when the Tokyo and Osaka markets are closed between 11:00am and 12:30pm, but SGX (Nikkei futures) stays open, any particular things one should be careful about?
  10. If Tokyo and Osaka are closed look for Hangseng leadership. Highly correlated.

    Hangseng itself is highly depended from China newsflow.

    Do not watch 60 min charts. Prefer 240 / 480, SMA ( 20) and SMA ( 30 ).

    For short term vola look for 3min SMA breakouts.

    Fibonaccis work - as a general rule for Asian markets - pretty fine.

    Some websites you should visit regularly :
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