NIKKEI futures getting slaughtered.

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  1. As if yesterday was not enough. NIKKEI futures traded down to the 7100 level at one point, a 7% drop of yesterday's close.

    This could be another interesting Monday.

    BTW Proof of PPT existence was that we did not crash yesterday despite the fact we were lock-limit down on all indexes.
  2. this is becoming THE thread to start on sundays lol
  3. You sure that's not where they closed on Friday? If so, they'd be up a little. I don't think they're trading now from their Friday low. Pretty sure the exchange opens for trading at 7:30 PM EST tonight.
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    You might be right, but the open matches where it closed on Friday.
  5. Don't know about you guys, but I find Bloomberg's site to be a bit off on their numbers.
  6. Well, I'm just curious how Bloomberg gets "live" numbers for the N225 contracts when the Japanese and US exchanges are closed. If there is an exchange open that trades this contract, please let me know.

  7. But anything is better than CNBC. Those fools didn't know YM was limit down on Friday until four hours later. You'd think they would put two and two together as to why its stopped exactly at -550.00. LoL
  8. I dunno where Bloomberg is getting its numbers from but it does appear they are reporting numbers that are lower than Friday's close. (The Nikkei closed @ the low on Friday).
  9. Over the weekend while markets are closed, there are sometimes "wrong" numbers which are not indicative of anything. They likely appeared Friday after the close and are still there.
  10. Nikkei futures are NOT locked limit down.
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