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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by criveratrading, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Hello. What do any of you think of selling December 12750 puts here? I want to get long the index but fear this is not entirely the right entry point. Will this continue to zoom? Pullback? What support / resistance levels are you looking at? Any other strategies and positions you are running would be much appreciated .
  2. I don't think the nikkei is gonna drop below 13000 after breaking it first time in several years with very strong volumes.

    So I am too trying to find the best vehicle and the best moment to get in.

    I am more prone towards dec call options or maybe a vertical spread: too volatile for my pockets to purchase the underlying straight.
  3. Thanks for your reply bitstream. I too see this as a breakout, but the daily indicators , DMI etc are at an extreme. Maybe best to wait for a pullback into support to then sell premium?

    How would you construct your particular spread? What would be your strikes ?
  4. Don't know yet, am just weighting my options.
    If it will be a spread, probably buy 1 ATM sell 2 OTM, for what concerns strikes I have to give it a deeper look.
  5. does SIMEX give you a cut on margin when you spread options?

    I use IB for nikkei trading. What platform do you use?
  6. I ma just moving my business from a couple of DA firms plus IG to IB

    Know nothing about simex.
  7. I think I'm going to sell some OTM puts on the Nikkei in the back months. I'm targeting Dec 06 11,500 puts for 280 pts. Any experience selling puts in the less liquid further maturity contracts?
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