Nikkei down, US up - weird ?

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  1. guys with the Japan markets hard down, why are the US markets rallying. Based on my experience, most markets around the globe tend to run in-sync each other.

    why are the headlines not "US markets crash on Japan fears"

    (they crashed on Greece, a small nation that produces olive oil and not much else)

    why not Japan

    maybe I am missing something

  2. japan had more retail investors in there markets. the US market is ran by computers systems so no human emotion and there is unlimited money with very little retail customers anymore is my best answer. if you don't have retail customers to sell than you only have institutions selling and if they move slower its easier to sell at higher prices.
  3. Japan has very little statistical correlation with US indexes. it pretty much exists in its own world. japan would have to fall 6% for it to drag the futures down 60 pts (which it did last night).
  4. the jgb yields ran up than the US 10 year yield followed everything is connected. there are a lot of markets getting hit right now. when you squeeze the shorts you also get to sell your position. i have no idea how it all plays out but everything is connected in the end. when it gets there nobody knows.
  5. fundamentally, country as a whole, US is much better than Japan. Naturally, Japan is not a well-endowed nation. yet the country sits on the ring of fire. but it's amazing Japan has managed to develop their economy into G7" level of economy. They've done it without those key industrial chemicals, everything is imported from oversea. I think one of reasons, Japan becomes successful, lies in the people of Japan. but the human resources can't last forever, especially, the case of Japan, as you know, Japanese population is aging. This is becoming a liability on society than a potential.
  6. You are better off using TA for decisions than comparatives or fundamentals, there is no need to predict.
  7. Agree fully. Just trying to understand the market :)eek: )
  8. A logical reason for the market to zoom back because Marketsurfer is short with "most of his net worth...". Of course that is only $57.23, but he was actually starting to get a winning trade, after 214 in-a-row losers.

    The Market Gods hate that he was winning because, well, he's Marketsurfer.
  9. eurusdzn


    I learn more and more that with limited understanding I haven't a chance of predictions.
    But even with excellent understanding, maybe an Asain bank, how can the extent of a move be predicted or measured? Can it?
    Are JPY stops at 106, 108, 110 the only thing THEY care about. Stepping on the throat of
    trapped, overextended opponents. I think so.
    Maybe this is the why TA is the primary tool. Bob111 loves my ma(5) crossover system.
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