Nikkei down below 8000

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Oct 24, 2008.

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    1st time since April 2003.
  2. YM down over 200

    We need to drop huge and get this over with so it doesn't continue on for months!
  3. S. Korea down 9%
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    Like I said the other day s&p is headed below 800, dow will break October 10th lows.

    The volatility is just insane, the VIX nearing 100 today was quite amusing, I could just imagine if the new trading range for the VIX is between 50-100. I know I said a a couple of weeks ago the VIX would come down to the 45-50 range well that hasnt happened, I do think it will eventually but I think the VIX could break 100 as early as tomorrow or sometime early next week.
  5. I think Korea is halted. Down 12%
  6. USD/JPY continuing its crazy movements

    The great unwind continues
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    The unwinding of the yen carry trade was going to happen sooner or later, im actually really, really, really surprised it took this long.
  8. relentless YM dumping
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    Surprised BOJ's relentless bailout didn't save the Nikkei.

    Perhaps this time, will be different, eh?! :)
  10. fucking unreal

    400 point ym moves afterhours

    becoming common
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