Nikkei down 1.7%

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DeepFried, May 24, 2007.

  1. :D Looking forward to China opening up. I love a good selloff.
  2. um hum US futures are up so ..nice try
  3. Futures haven't reliably predicted U.S. intraday movement lately.

    They were up this morning, too. Even the Naz.
  4. the yen has had a really hard time pushing to new lows and everyone in japan is selling yen. we should see a small squeeze soon.
  5. And the god damn Shanghai is flat (as of 10:40 EST). I need that to tank.
  6. Also, being up .04% isn't exactly a whopping rally.
  7. Who wants to stay short for the long weekend? They may have some deals brewing for next Tue.
  8. What looks obvious to me is that with such a major deviation in all of Asia vs. the Shanghai tonight, is that they will have a very painful lesson when the time comes.

    Only logic to this deviation tonight is that the rest of these markets in Asia are traded by experienced traders/investors while Shanghai is nothing but a bunch of newbie first timers who do nothing but buy and will likely sell at the bottom of the coming correction, wiping out major portions of their accts.
  9. With everyone just assuming it is a bubble on the basis of its steady rise and new market participants, I'm starting to doubt if it really is.
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    Then base it on the fact of the discrepancies between H, B and A Shares.
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