Nikkei -500

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    They are throwing out the baby with the bath water.

  2. But look at that trend ... a trader's dream. :)
  3. Where are you trading this contract? What exchange carries it and what firm?

  4. I don't trade the Nikkei, but Interactive Brokers offers the contract. I'd recommend trading it from Singapore; from what I have heard, the spread is less.

    American residents can legally trade the Nikkei as well as other non-American products (Hang Seng, DAX, among others).
  5. Can't you trade the Nikkei on the CME?? I've never done it but I've seen the contract, and am pretty sure its traded.
  6. Yes it is a contract on the CME...It is trading on while Japan sleeps...Like the S & P overnight.
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    singapore nikkie is good to trade. if you are interested in the options feel free to chat me on yahoo. I will try to post a higher bid and lower offer than the current quote for you to hit.
    My chat ID is "makebidoffer"
  8. To those asking:

    CME symbol: NKD

    I'm kinda on the fence on the Nikkei. I think this selling is overdone. Will start to scale in. Nikkei may end at 16,000 end of the year :confused:
  9. I traded the NKD:CME for a while and let me warn you the spreads are ugly. Dropped it from portfolio of instruments I trade. Maybe as the other posters indicated, the Nikkei on other markets is more liquid and provides a better trading edge. Good luck.

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    -4% last night or over 600 points. Rumor has it on power struggle in the BOJ.

    Can you smell panic?

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