Nikkei 25,000!

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    Hi All,

    I'm suggesting that Nikkei will probably hit 25,000 within 1yr. I know it looks overvalued and people have been selling. But it could be easily back over 17,000 before the end of February from a technical standpoint as well as from a statistical pattern recognition standpoing(proprietary stuff).

    I normally don't make market calls. But I'll try this one.

    From a fundamental standpoint, Japan is coming back big time. Traders and investors should NOT be afraid that the BoJ will raised the already super low interest rates. It's a GOOD SIGN! That finally there's some real inflation and growth in their economy. BoJ rates are now at 1.58%. Even going to 2.5% to 3% will actually be really good for Japan.

    They are becoming the new hub of growth in Asia and regaining economic and technological edge and strength. This is the beginning of a big bull market. Not the ending.

    Good luck! And have fun!

  2. you better hurry up and post one more time - you're at 666 posts!

    The nk has been really volatile lately. Are you suggesting a play?
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    666? Hehe. OK. I'll post one more time. Yes, a play! GO LONG! You wouldn't regret in a few days or weeks time. hehe
  4. i would say the main reason behind japan is privatisation, capitalism just loves de-regulation.
  5. Sounds like a GOOG $600 theory... :(
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    No, GOOG $600 is way more ridiculous story.

    We are talking about the 2nd largest economy in the world coming around after like 16 years down to sideway market movements. Nothing goes down forever and nothing goes up forever. There are long cycles. Look at GOLD. Peaked at $800. But didn't break $500 until like 25yrs later.

    What's so difficult to believe that this is the start of a new cyclical bull market in Japan?
  7. There are cycles for sure, but it seems to me Japan was in more than just your regular 'down cycle'. There were serious banking issues and I have really yet to investige more into why this is not an issue anymore.
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    Look at Nikkei. Came back from the low. I bet in a few weeks we'll be back at the all time high if not sooner.

    They have slowly worked through those banking problems already. There are MASSIVELY PENTED UP cash among Japanese households. Should they decided to get back into their equity markets that's like trillions of added cash and liquidity!

    Mark my words...
  9. This is without doubt. They just save and save and save.. if that is put into the markets this would certainly increase demand.

    Isn't if funny how a slow evolving change in the banking industry would be suddenly noticed by the investment world? Physiology sure does play a role!
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