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  1. What are the CME trading hours for this contract ? The CME info does not make much sense to me and my broker doesn't really know either it seems... What is the most liquid contract, CME dollar based or yen based? SIMEX Nikkei 225?
  2. Noone trading Nikkei 225 ?
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    3:45 PM PST. SGXNK is liquid. Enjoy.
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    You definitely want to trade either the Osaka or the SGX contracts. Most traders I know prefer the SGX contract.
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    ne1 know the corresponding symbol in realtick trying to bring it up on charts, also requested access via IB, are there any special needs. Whats the margin per contract in USD? Hours/does it trade side-by-side with the nikkei during its busy hours?
  6. I am short EWJ, why is it up almost 2% today along with ITF ?
    According to the data I have Nikkei was up only 5 points today :confused:

    How could the topix and broader market be up 1.75% ? what 's even more confusing is that NKD (CME Nikkei 225) IS UP 155 points according to IB
  7. What is the volume? I am interested in trading Nikki futures.... what indicators are recommened?
  8. What else?

    Candlesticks! Japanese markets ONLY work with candlesticks, baby! :p :D

  9. Anyone recommed a broker with low day margins for trading Nikkei futures, any info would be helpful?
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    Does anyone trade the SGX n225 and CME NIY through IB?

    Anyone know how to do the mutual offset election?? I spoke with IB customer support and they didn't have a clue what it was let alone how to use it...

    thanks in advance.
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